Thailand imported raw materials, environmentally friendly, degradable



Weihai Mingzhu Environmental Protection Technology Development Co., Ltd.

The company integrates pulp molding equipment development, mold manufacturing, paper tray production, product innovation and technology application, and specializes in research and development and production of environmentally friendly packaging products. The products are widely used in tableware and other industries. The monthly production of pulp molding products is more than 10 million pieces. The products are sold at home and abroad, and have a broad market and excellent competitiveness.


The company has professional talents and strong production and technical strength. It is the largest and most advanced enterprise in the same industry in China. Independent research and patented direct heating drying line, mold heating and insulation……

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Raw materials extracted from plants such as sugar cane, bamboo, and reed are used as raw materials.

Ecological harmony, recycling, and natural environmental protection.

The product is molded in the mold and can produce various types and specifications.

User customization is acceptable.